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My name is Stefan Talian.


Originally from Slovakia, I found my new home in San Diego.

From the first day I knew "I have arrived".


For me art was always part of my life and something very special and meditative

to do. I thought it was something I would do when I'm old and

on the porch of my lake house.


On October 11th, 2013 one friend suggested to me that I write about my feelings

and about how I see my life. I could not do it. Then he suggested I paint about it.

I tried, and it worked! At that very moment I found my calling and art totally took

over my life from inside out. I finally can understand what, "do what you love and

you'll never work again", really means.


It's an amazing feeling to know a little piece of me; something I created with a

lot of passion and love is bringing joy

into someone's life.



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